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TRONXY Emergency Notice

Time:2020-01-18 Views:1827


The following 6 FB accounts do not belong to our TRONXY company. (maybe there are more fake FB account,if someone find,please notify more people in a timely manner) 
Below is the scammers what we already find:
Kuai Hua

Chini Wong

Ring Le

Yang Yue(cannot find the page now)

Lisa Guerrero


I received an email from one of our customers today informing us there are 6 scammers were using the name of TRONXY to lie to consumers. We are very shocked and disappointed. In order to prevent more people from being cheated, we solemnly inform:
All corporation of Tronxy will only through email of @,which will have record.
At present, the regular emails to discuss review cooperation are:
(There may be more @ tronxy‘s emails in the future) Please be sure to see if you are contacting @
Please do not easily review and cooperate with FB that are non-TRONXY people to avoid being cheated.

Hope you all are well
happy New Year


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