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The transformation of rural power grid has invested 652.2 billion or contributed to the development of distributed pv

Time:2017-07-08 Views:1272
Recently, shanxi, Shanghai, zhejiang, anhui, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces and the national grid company signed an agreement of the transformation of rural power grid, is promoting the rural power grid upgrading project scope, goals, supporting policies, the implementation of the capital and build long-time mechanism for cooperation to reach consensus. It was understood that south network had signed similar agreements with the southern five provinces before that. The upgrade of the site is after 1998 years, 2010 years after the upgrade of the third site, with a total investment of more than twice before retrofit upgrade investment sum, priorities and south network will have a total investment of 652.2 billion yuan. 
Deputy director of the institute of gansu province natural energy account tells a reporter, the implementation of a new round of rural power grid renovation project, can not only meet the farmers‘ daily power consumption and consumer demand to upgrade, but also can break the photovoltaic (pv) grid problems for poverty alleviation, will strongly promote the development of distributed photovoltaic (pv). 
Just over a dozen years ago, the summer night was the norm in rural areas. Now, after the first two agricultural network upgrading and upgrading, this phenomenon has been significantly improved in most rural areas in China. However, in some remote areas and poor areas, in the summer, due to an increase in electricity load, a prolonged outage still occurs. For historical reasons, li shimin told reporters, "low voltage" problems still exist in some areas of the country, where the supply of low-voltage lines is longer and the distribution capacity is low. In poor areas and remote minority areas, the construction of power grid has lagged behind, and some areas in rural areas lack system transformation. Therefore, this large-scale transformation will effectively improve the power supply and reliability of rural power grid. 
According to the plan, by 2020, the south net service areas, will amount to 99.82%, rural power grid power will be integrated voltage qualified rate of not less than 97.9%, 2020 worth with variable capacity not less than 2 kva, 100% meet new energy grid, access is funding power coverage of 100%. 
In addition, priorities and Shanghai signed agreement also clearly put forward the rural electric reform: in full on the basis of solving the problem of rural areas in Shanghai low voltage, during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" will further increase investment, promote the implementation of a new round of Shanghai upgrade rural power grid construction, priority arrangement (central village) of small towns in Shanghai power grid upgrading project, further improving the capacity of rural power supply and power supply reliability. 
The reporter learned that the recent agricultural network reform agreement signed between the national network and various provinces has clearly emphasized the ability and reliability to improve the power supply of agricultural networks. 
Priorities, said an official with the relevant departments of the retrofit will adhere to the "cities and counties, urban and rural areas, farmers" a body as a whole, will face the district planning scope, planning depth to low pressure, fully eliminate the single line. With the new rural development plan and the regional target network frame as the guideline, it is the first priority to eliminate the phenomenon of low voltage and the "neck of the neck", and realize that the rural areas have no shortage of electricity and electricity. 
Li shimin told reporters that in recent years, the development of new energy sources such as photovoltaic (pv) has been developing in China, driven by a series of policies and measures. In the vast rural and rural areas, there are small photovoltaic power stations and other renewable and distributed energy sources. These new energy dispersing points will be connected to the rural distribution network, which will put forward new requirements for the safe operation of the power grid. This round of reform will improve the capacity of rural power grid to accept distributed new energy generation, which is of practical significance for the rapid development of new energy such as photovoltaic. 
With the upgrading of the rural power grid and the gradual improvement of the power grid condition, the demand for electricity in the countryside will be further released, which will arouse the villagers‘ willingness to further develop the distributed pv. For distributed pv, this is a new opportunity for rapid development. 
As we all know, the rich rural roof resources provide a strong support for the crowing of the distributed photovoltaic market. But for the photovoltaic industry, how to meet this demand at the lowest cost under the existing conditions is the premise of opening the market. 
Jiangsu electric power design institute of engineers ran lu told reporters that in some rural areas, the grid infrastructure backwardness, in after the rural electric reform can avoid standing with power supply, sends out the lines repeated investment, communications equipment, thus reducing photovoltaic investment cost. In addition, after converted into standardized site, may be distributed in modular, highly efficient and convenient, promote the photovoltaic (pv) given to the nearest, which will improve the enthusiasm of distributed photovoltaic construction of rural people. 
Photovoltaic poverty alleviation has been countries established as "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during the precision of poverty alleviation, has vigorously promoted throughout the country, in the next few years will become an important focus in the development of distributed photovoltaic. 
At present, according to the state grid, the photovoltaic installation cannot exceed 30% of the total capacity of the transformer. However, the current capacity of rural transformer is generally 200 ~ 300 kva. According to this calculation, the installed capacity of a village is only a few dozen kilowatts, which cannot meet the demand of pv poverty reduction. Nowadays, the network difficulty has become a bottleneck to the development of photovoltaic poverty alleviation. 
, in February this year, in the national development and reform commission issued the "on" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "during the implementation of a new round of rural power grid upgrading engineering opinion" explicitly pointed out that, in the key state key county of poverty alleviation and development work, concentrated destitute areas and rural power grid upgrading of old revolutionary base areas. 
The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, a long time, one of the important reasons for interconnection is difficult, is the network reconstruction are cumbersome, the state grid and the provincial government signed the agreement, the rural electric reform explicitly proposed to simplify the project examination and approval procedures, priority to carry out the construction conditions, a move that is very good, will certainly to speed up the reform progress, thoroughly through remote backward area pv electricity exports to alleviate poverty. 
Anhui province as the first batch of national pv poverty alleviation project pilot provinces, in a few days after the retrofit opinions issued by national development and reform commission (NDRC), was released on the poverty-stricken areas of rural power grid upgrading project of the implementation opinions ", the opinion clear requirements: power grid enterprise must strengthen the construction of backbone network frame, accelerate the reform of in low-voltage power grid, improve power grid given ability and intelligent level, perfect the auxiliary services, optimal operation scheduling, to ensure that the entire province photovoltaic engineering security access for poverty alleviation and full access to the Internet. 
In fact, anhui attaches great importance to agricultural network reform, one of the important reasons is that the photovoltaic poverty alleviation has tasted the sweet head. Jinzhai county for example, as the first batch of anhui photovoltaic poverty alleviation project last year one of five pioneer, as early as 2015 to get the site to the update of the 262 million yuan capital, investment hit a record high, more than 5 years before. By implementing site to upgrade project, improve quality of rural electric power supply capacity and, last year the county photovoltaic power station has been basically realize full access to the Internet for poverty alleviation, made important contributions for the local poverty alleviation work. 
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