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Latest activity

The second China recharging pile innovation summit was held in Beijing in June

Time:2017-07-08 Views:857
The second China recharging pile innovation summit will be held in Beijing on June 28. Conference sponsored by the ministry of industry and information technology sadie institute, new energy vehicles to undertake, Beijing new energy vehicle development promotion center, China software evaluation, sadie, a think-tank, ccid consulting in collaboration with the joint. 
According to host the summit departments and industry associations will be invited to the leadership, charging pile equipment vendors, operators, the vehicle car companies, investment and financing institutions, such as the big data applications in the industry to attend, plan for industrial development. The theme of the summit will be "hand-in-hand," with in-depth discussions on the construction of charging piles, technical standards and business models. 
With the development of new energy vehicles in China fast rhythm, and for two consecutive years to become the world‘s biggest new energy automobile market, and application as the electric car industry chain and basic guarantee, the most important steps in the construction of the charging infrastructure continues to accelerate. 
According to statistics, in 2016, the number of domestic public charging piles increased from less than 50,000 at the beginning of the year to 150,000 by the end of the year. More than 80% of the installation of private charging stations; The intercity fast charging station forms four vertical and four vertical circle pattern, now service 14,000 kilometers of highway. According to the national energy administration‘s guidance on energy work 2017, it plans to build 900,000 charging stations in 2017. Among them, 100, 000 public charging piles and 800,000 private charging piles. 
In 2016, the charging pile market will form a top-down, bottom-up connectivity system. The state has issued a series of policies and measures to support the electric vehicle charging interface. The official implementation of charging new national standard also establishes the development direction of "interconnection" of charging piles. The market promotion pace is accelerated, more and more cities actively participate in it. If the mode of construction is used, more than 8,000 electric taxi service networks will be formed in taiyuan. 
With the deepening of supply-side reform, the new energy vehicles will be constantly updated and iterative. The charging infrastructure will keep up with the trend, and the market will face further upgrading and optimization in the wake of user demand. 
However, upgrading optimization means the release of potential and the elimination of it. 2017 is in the industry incubation periods, including charging technology, investment, operation mode, and even with vehicle safety, battery charging, and industry integration sharing, such as the Internet, the investment and financing, any topic is worthy of in-depth discussion from different angles. In addition, while vigorously investing in construction, how to ensure the utilization of equipment and improve the security of charging information will also receive wide attention. 
More than in the face of new situation, to strengthen the electric car industry and market TongPinGongZhen charging pile, promote the ecological mechanism of connectivity, explore the diversity of business model innovation, promote the rapid development of the charging infrastructure in our country, the organizers said that the second China charging pile innovation summit will provide a sufficient "among" the stage of the industry. 
According to understand, the summit will also be recommended by industry, network voting and expert evaluation, combining snatched automotive engineering training center of system testing, authority named China‘s top ten brand charging pile, pattern innovation and the best operators three awards. 
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