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Laser processing has opened up the development of high-end manufacturing in China

Time:2018-03-23 Views:177
In many processing practice, researchers often found that some important mechanical equipment parts, with the same metal material into the same shape and size, why cannot achieve even surpass the advanced performance of similar products in the developed countries. The "enigma" phenomenon has plagued Chinese scholars and has become a major bottleneck in the development of high-end equipment manufacturing in China. Persistence in a group of scientists and engineering technical personnel, with the help of the refractory of the fan has been cracked, the import of laser processing technology, has made China‘s high-end equipment manufacturing industry development unfolds over -- 
In the name of professor zhang guangjun with a word of "light", xu is the fate of the arrangement, zhang guangjun‘s life is destined to be connected with laser. For 30 years, he stick to in the first line of laser surface treatment technology research, lead the disciplinary team with a group of scientists support each other, fight together, leng part one of the main in the high-end processing manufacturing industry in China. 
The laser is the product of human wisdom. It has been another great invention since the 20th century, after the nuclear power, computer and semiconductor. Laser can produce high density of energy, an energy sword naturally in the development of science and technology to the human hand, and it is also a revolutionary change to the traditional processing and manufacturing. Laser processing has become the leading trend after manual machining, machining and electroprocessing. 
The secret of laser processing is that foreign counterparts have been kept secret, and there is not enough attention in this area. Who did not expect that the technology behind the potential value: good metal parts are processed using the traditional processing technology after a certain wavelength, power density and scanning speed of laser irradiation, can improve the strength of the material, significantly prolong the service life. The metal parts of the small cracks appear in a high-intensity laser. In the harsh environment, the crack will not be expanded, and the safety coefficient will be greatly improved. 
A pioneer and practitioner of laser surface treatment technology in China and one of the witnesses, holding high strength of the laser processing production, union of Shanghai files and future implementation scheme, professor guang-jun zhang‘s eyes was full of joy, has been reach he was bound to have a peak of my career. 
In the chance to love the "laser" 
After crushing the gang of four in 1976, as the last batch of Shanghai jiaotong university before the cultural revolution metallurgy metallurgical professional graduates, guang-jun zhang named by Shanghai jiaotong university three factory from Shanghai back to work in the scientific research in colleges and universities. Once chance, zhang guangjun is in Shanghai exhibition center to see the science and technology exhibition, the touch to the laser, that is inspired the touch of the summit style. Light energy is one of the most easily guided and formed forms of energy. The signal noise transmitted by this form of energy is very small, and can be entered into automation and intelligent operation from unique window... In deep thinking in laser technology, guang-jun zhang thoughts again slowly float to the accept continuing education in Shanghai three factory of workers, peasants and soldiers as furnaceman 3 years, guang-jun zhang work was arranged in the heating furnace of steel rolling workshop, where ingot after more than a dozen heavy oil nozzle of the high temperature of heating furnace baptism, soften ingot after rolling steel plate link. It was like a dragon walking around the moon, sweating and sweating every day. But the careful zhang guangjun after working a period of time, saw the process problem of this, he put forward to improve the process plan, reduce furnace temperature appropriately, reduce spray oil quantity. Opinions were finally adopted, the workshop energy consumption was reduced, and the quality of rolled steel was guaranteed, and the temperature of the workshop was lowered. But after this process improvement, an idea often haunts zhang guangjun‘s mind, this high-energy heating mode can not be replaced by a more energy efficient way. 
After a long meditation, zhang realized that the energy solution he was looking for might exist in the laser. Gradually, his early exposure to domestic several ongoing development of high energy laser heat treatment of predecessors: China TieKeYuan zhi-zhong li, a senior engineer, he wrote the laser heat treatment according to the foreign materials has an enlightening significance. Sea ray machine on the Chinese academy of sciences of Su Bao 嫆 researcher, jiaotong university didn‘t laser experiment equipment, she invited guang-jun zhang to warmly in doing the experiment. In order to understand the principle of the laser, zhang guangjun has also consulted the students on several trips to the north. In order to study the laser heat treatment as soon as possible, he was transferred to Shanghai machinery manufacturing technology institute under the support of relevant experts and leaders. There, Mr. Zhang had the honor to set up his own research group and configured a 1,000-watt laser. 
In November 1983, material heat treatment of the 3rd international conference held in Shanghai, it is rare in the early years of the reform and opening up in China at the international formal academic conference, the heavy review, guang-jun zhang write a thesis about laser surface modification of stand out, be read out at the conference, and 1 in this specialized field of international authoritative academic conference paper involved in laser surface modification of Chinese scholars. Years of scientific research and exploration, he decide industrialization path may need a long time, in the original (now) Shanghai engineering technology university, jiaotong university campus President yu invited professor luo, less guang-jun zhang in 1984 after leaving Shanghai machinery technology research institute, once again into the ivory tower. He and his colleagues set up Shanghai‘s first kilowatt - scale co2 laser processing research, pilot and teaching base. Gradually, the mystery of the laser surface treatment was unsolved by layers: the energy density was higher than 1,000 watts/cm2, which was of practical value, otherwise the effect of laser treatment and quenching heating cooling was not significant. In the case of the light power density above 1000000000 w/cm2, the laser will have a huge impact on the metal materials. The surface will produce microscopic plastic deformation, and the surface dislocation density can be greatly increased. In the past, the conventional strength theory suggested that metal materials could not have high abrasion resistance and high friction coefficient. 
The road to industrialization is a fold 
During his years of scientific research, zhang was mainly responsible for the completion of 38 scientific research projects. In order to obtain the national invention patent authorization 5, the national utility model patent license 3. So far, the first author has published 47 papers published in China and abroad, 32 of which are included in famous citations including SEI, EI, ISTP and CSCD. In guang-jun zhang and several scientific research actively planning the predecessors, the Chinese society of heat treatment of high energy heat treatment technical committee was established in 1984, has held the 10th national society for laser heat treatment, the national counterparts have a Shared research platform, can be together for the development of laser surface treatment technology contribution wisdom and strength. 
Slowly, guang-jun zhang group began to accept the technology research project of the enterprise, they accepted the Shanghai elevator factory elevator sine wheel V groove surface modification techniques such as research, more demonstrate the validity of the technology in practice, but also according to the problems found during the process to improve the technology. 
In 1990, the laser surface treatment technology got the attention of the Shanghai municipal government. Under the promotion of vice mayor jiang at that time, Shanghai laser group corporation was founded. Had laser technology industrialization of golden opportunity comes, but the reality is that guang-jun zhang deeply disappointed, because of institutional factors, a lot of enthusiasm for new technology popularization and use of the company is far lower than expected. Some companies are joint ventures, and outsiders do not allow China to involve improvements in core technologies. Some big manufacturers even suggest that if parts are too long, production will fall and workers will be laid off. Zhang guangjun‘s heart is mixed. He began to think about the driving force behind the industrialization of the laser. 
As a new material processing area, there are two factors that determine the development of the field, the cost and quality of the laser. The second is the market acceptance, recognition and actual demand. In the past many years both have been immature. 
He wasn‘t to be, once again into the torrent of docking study, successively in machinery blade parts, cylinder, machine tool guideway surface lining (set), trains and other important parts of shock absorber and guide seat surface key with laser surface strengthening technology and meet the technical requirements of the enterprise. He won the state council special allowance award in 2005 and won three provincial science and technology awards. 
At this time, zhang guangjun was troubled by the situation in the family. He was the only son of a film company, and had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and could not work. For seven years, through the agony and anguish of his heart, he was taking care of his son while he kept his research work. 
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