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Latest activity

From photovoltaic manufacturing power to photovoltaic manufacturing and application power

Time:2017-07-08 Views:1381
Davos world economic BBS annual meeting of the new champions in 2017 June 27 to 29, held in dalian, trina solar‘s chief brand officer Yang Xiaozhong was invited to attend and participate in the meeting on behalf of premier li keqiang and entrepreneurs, and in the BBS "focusing on China: future manufacturing systems". 
‘in the past, China has been a big photovoltaic power industry,‘ Mr. Yang said in his statement. ‘it mainly refers to the fact that the production and manufacturing scale of China‘s photovoltaic products has a clear lead in the world.‘ For example, in the leading enterprises, the total number of pv modules shipped by tianhe has reached 23 gigawatts by the end of 2016, ranking first in the world. 
Based on this, China has stepped up its application of photovoltaic power generation, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years from 2013 to 2016, and the first in the cumulative ranking. China‘s photovoltaic industry focuses on improving scientific and technological research and development capabilities, efforts to reduce costs, improve the efficiency of photoelectric conversion, manufacturing scale, product quality and application technology in the world‘s leading position. Trina solar rely on in the photovoltaic science and technology, state key laboratory of the world‘s top industry experts, common research and development innovation, has created and refresh 16 photovoltaic conversion efficiency of components and photovoltaic power of world records. 
Trina solar in the world‘s leading photovoltaic cells and components production line has been fully realized machine automation, and through the chip installed in the battery, in the end is applied to implement real-time intelligent monitoring power and operating data, is from the production of micro intelligent, to the application link macro intelligence intelligence and energy to the Internet. Trina is also moving from a leading provider of solar integrated solutions to the leading companies in photovoltaic smart energy and energy Internet. The photovoltaic industry has become a powerful witness to China‘s transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing powerhouse. 
According to Yang, the pv industry is leading from manufacturing scale to application scale, and the cooperation between upstream and downstream industry of the industry is inseparable from the coordinated development of Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises. We will continue our efforts to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other parties and promote the expansion of photovoltaic and other renewable energy resources so as to bring solar energy to the benefit of all mankind. 
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