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Latest activity

Laser processing has opened up the development of high-end manufacturing in Chin...

In many processing practice, researchers often found that some important mechanical equipment parts, with the same metal material into the same shape and size, ...

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The second China recharging pile innovation summit was held in Beijing in June

According to host the summit departments and industry associations will be invited to the leadership, charging pile equipment vendors, operators, the vehicle ca...

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The transformation of rural power grid has invested 652.2 billion or contributed...

Recently, shanxi, Shanghai, zhejiang, anhui, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces and the national grid company signed an agreement of the transformation of rura...

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From photovoltaic manufacturing power to photovoltaic manufacturing and applicat...

Davos world economic BBS annual meeting of the new champions in 2017 June 27 to 29, held in dalian, trina solar‘s chief brand officer Yang Xiaozhong was invite...

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