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Industry information

The 2017 photovoltaic power station photo exhibition and the press conference of the two sessions of xixin group will open in Beijing

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On the morning of March 2nd, the photo exhibition of photovoltaic power station and the press conference of the two sessions were held at the China science and technology hall. Golden concord group on the photovoltaic industry chain all three listed companies - association vice President of xin new energy xu, vice President of poly golden concord Lv Jinbiao, golden concord integration Liang Wenzhang assistant vice President attended the meeting, the People‘s Daily, economic daily, xinhua news agency, CCTV, nearly 30 mainstream media. 
Lv Jinbiao pointed out that as the world‘s clean energy industry leading companies, golden concord group actively practicing the green development concept, the deepening of the domestic market at the same time, seize the "area" of the historical opportunity, "go out" to expand the international market. Photovoltaic power generation is of great significance for optimizing energy structure, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and realizing sustainable economic development. The opening of the pv application market is critical to the development of the photovoltaic industry, which has become one of the main forces in the transformation of the national energy structure. The company has always been deeply rooted in the field of innovation, which is the pathfinder and leader of the pv application market, which is outstanding in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic power station. 
Xu said the photovoltaic exhibition aims to spread the enterprise all kinds of power station in dedicated to clean energy development, carry forward the golden concord group bring green energy into the vision of life, further stimulating the enthusiasm of group employees clerkstarts, better quality, more efficient service national clean energy development strategy. 
, according to data by the end of 2016, GCL solar power plant installed capacity through 4 gigawatts (gw), the world‘s second, plant category covers "photovoltaic pv +, poverty alleviation, leader plans, desert control, photovoltaic (pv) agriculture, fishing light complementary, distributed photovoltaic (pv), etc. 
Golden concord insist to do fine, specialization, and optimize the photovoltaic industry, improved Siemens method of polysilicon production technology, innovation, silane fluidized bed technology, introduced xin kong efficient components, such as the implementation of distributed photovoltaic system such as "xin sun", the promotion of flat single axis tracking technology and robot intelligence operations, etc. On the whole industry chain of innovative practice, to decrease the cost of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic parity on the Internet has made a great contribution to promote, golden concord China pv industry of the world‘s leading brands image which approved by the industry. 
The integrated advantage, strong innovation ability and good reputation in the whole industry chain have led to the rapid rise of coxin group in the photovoltaic power station market, and the performance has been rising steadily. Since the second half of 2015, the total installed capacity of co-xinguang has been 1GW, 2GW, 3GW and 4GW. At the same time, the company has been able to expand its presence overseas. 
It is understood that coxin has built distributed photovoltaic power stations in North America, Japan and South Africa, and has overseas business institutions such as North America, Japan and Africa. Meanwhile, in the face of the rapid growth of the global pv market, xixin is moving from traditional overseas markets such as Europe, America and Japan to other emerging markets. By 2020, it is estimated that the total capacity of the company‘s overseas photovoltaic power station will be significantly increased to about 30%. 
The exhibition since January preparation, facing the golden concord group raised more than 200 works, through strict trial and review, the finalists of 40 images, image content covers "photovoltaic pv +, poverty alleviation, leader plans, desert control, photovoltaic (pv) agriculture, fishing light complementary, distributed photovoltaic (pv)," One Belt And One Road "and other related topics. 
Another important topic of this meeting is the proposal of the CPPCC. As a member of the CPPCC national committee, Mr. Zhu gongshan, chairman of coxin group, has long been committed to the new energy and clean energy industry, focusing on energy reform to promote China‘s green development. To high quality to perform the duties of CPPCC, chairman of Mr Zhu repeatedly to pv manufacturing enterprises, development of photovoltaic power station, gas power generation company, discussion about the difficulties and pain points in the development of clean energy, new energy; Using show energy and opportunity to BBS, with experts and scholars in the field of energy to explore how to better, faster to promote energy transformation, promote clean energy, new energy in primary energy consumption accounted for. 
Specifically, the proposals of the members of zhu shan in the two sessions focused on the aspects of optovolt power generation, natural gas generation, distributed energy, carbon emission trading and rural waste utilization. In recent years, China has become the world‘s largest pv application market, but the policy system of land, finance and other aspects needs further improvement. For example, according to the current government management system in China, the right to use land can be assessed and influential departments, mainly including land, forestry, planning, agriculture, etc. Different departments have different standards for the same land. In the land use of photovoltaic power station, the relevant taxes and fees are higher. For the land use tax levied on photovoltaic power stations, the annual tax on land use tax shall range from 0.6 yuan to 12 yuan per square meter, according to the state council order no. 511. After paying the land use tax, the equivalent of the cost of electricity generation increased by 0.015 yuan/kWh to 0.29 yuan/kWh, which was not conducive to the realization of the cheap Internet. 
Suggestions involving land property that the government should set up joint database, collect each department for land property of relevant information, and open to the society, the land use of the enterprise or individual can query at any time; At present, the state should further reduce the charging standard of photovoltaic construction land and alleviate the unreasonable situation of "side subsidy and side charge". 
The pv project also faces a cumbersome subsidy declaration and approval process for renewable energy, which leads to the imposition of subsidy funds and the issuance of untimely and overdue payment. 2015, our country nearly 100 billion yuan/year, subsidies for additional levels currently renewable power 1.9 points per kilowatt-hour, the national collection of about 60 billion yuan every year, but according to the desired objective of installed wind power and photovoltaic power, the average annual subsidies by 2020 funding gap about 50 billion yuan, insufficient funds subsidies subsidies is the root cause of the default, suggest an appropriate state for renewable energy electricity surcharge. 
Photovoltaic poverty alleviation has been in the middle of the end of last year was identified as "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during the precision of poverty alleviation, but according to the enterprise income by desulfurization and photovoltaic electricity KWH benchmarking subsidies in two parts, part KWH subsidies account for 55% of their income to 62%. If there is a subsidy arrears, the equivalent of more than half of the income in arrears will severely limit the implementation of the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project and the actual poverty alleviation effect. 
As a clean energy source, natural gas will become the most recently low-carbon pillar energy and important transitional alternative energy. In order to improve the proportion of natural gas consumption and realize the goal of optimizing the energy structure during the 13th five-year plan period, members of zhu shan shan have also made a major focus. At present, to encourage and priority to the development of natural gas heating and electricity trigeneration, adjust measures to local conditions to develop natural gas peak shaving plant, with thermal electricity, improving gas cogeneration unit with distributed energy utilization, gradually replacing coal-fired cogeneration units. At the same time, in the power grid and air network hub area, the renewable energy needs to adjust the peak area, to develop the centralized large-scale natural gas peak power station unit. 
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