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Industry information

Google parent company abandoned Titan solar drone Internet project

Time:2017-07-08 Views:821
On January 12, Alphabet‘s spokesman said that the company had quietly canceled a Titan solar drone program that was folded into the X division in 2015. 
Google said the Project Loon high-altitude balloon Internet Project was "more promising" and could provide better Internet access to people in remote areas. Employees who participated in the Titan Project will participate in other "high altitude" projects, including Project Loon and Project Wing. 
The measure may be expected of many. Titan‘s 2015 drone crash project itself was already very bad, and there are reports of problems with the transmission of 5G data and costs. In addition, technology has its limits: high-altitude balloons are more likely to stay relatively static than drones, and less likely to be damaged. 
The funding issue also restricts the development of the project. Many of the projects that previously belonged to Google are now operating independently of Alphabet, so they face greater commercial pressure. It also means that Alphabet is more likely to shut down redundant projects. 

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