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Industry information

Tap the new energy industry to the energy Internet

At present, the world population, the Internet of things, the rapid development of industry and the change of climate environment are working together to promot...

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Google parent company abandoned Titan solar drone Internet project

Google said the Project Loon high-altitude balloon Internet Project was "more promising" and could provide better Internet access to people in remote areas. Emp...

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Can the "one-step" multi-crystal stay ahead in the next few years?

In the photovoltaic industry, single crystal components and multi-crystal components have historically maintained a competitive landscape. Who better to meet fu...

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The 2017 photovoltaic power station photo exhibition and the press conference of...

On the morning of March 2nd, the photo exhibition of photovoltaic power station and the press conference of the two sessions were held at the China science and ...

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