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Company news

The sales of oleds in OLED are very high

Time:2018-03-23 Views:161
2016 is not the best year for the sales of materials. China has been fiercely competitive in the brutal market for lasers, and several Chinese lasers have pulled out of the market. 
Kilowatt laser material processing income grew by 4% in 2016, but since most users need fiber laser has the laser, fiber laser to replace the trend of the carbon dioxide laser also appears to be greatly slowed. The income of micro-materials processing lasers increased by 22% in 2016. In this field, almost all of the growth in laser revenue comes from two sub-applications: additive manufacturing and flat-panel display manufacturing. 
The income of the laser used for additive manufacturing is still relatively limited in spite of rapid growth, accounting for 4.5% of the revenue of all micro-materials processing lasers. On the other hand, the income of the lasers that build OLED displays exploded in 2016, accounting for almost a third of the revenue from micromaterial processing lasers. In 2015, by contrast, the app‘s laser revenue was less than half that of 2016. 
It should also be noted that Coherent is the only manufacturer of quasi-molecular lasers for the application, which is absolutely beneficial to the company. In January 2016, the company‘s shares were trading at about $65 a share. As of December, the stock was trading at $137 a share, compared with $249 on June 9, 2017. 
What is causing demand for the coherent corporate quasi-molecular lasers to grow so high, and how long will this demand trend continue? 
Barry Young, managing director of OLED society, explains that the growth in demand for excimer lasers is directly related to the shift in smartphones from LCD screens to OLED. Because apple used on the iPhone 8 OLED display, plus many smartphone manufacturers, including many Chinese smartphone manufacturers are increasingly using the OLED screen, caused the trend to a great extent. (text/Oscar) 

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