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The global energy Internet is an urgent task at the top of the road

Time:2017-07-08 Views:854
China‘s state grid, chairman of him in his new book "the global energy of the Internet," to implement clean energy replacement and to put forward by the smart grid technology for support "two alternatives", to change the order of global energy, safeguard global energy security, reshape the global energy governance structure, realize sustainable development of the human energy has very important strategic significance. 
In recent years, as the global economy and scale have increased, the global energy resource bottleneck and ecological imbalance have become increasingly serious. 
From the domestic situation, China‘s economic and social development is confronted with the severe challenges of resource constraints, environmental pollution and ecological degradation, and the extensive resource-dependent development mode is not sustainable. In the past 10 years, China‘s energy consumption elasticity coefficient has averaged about 0.7, and energy and environmental pressure and development bottlenecks have been increasing. 
International experience shows that the developed countries in the first and second industrial revolution of the excessive consumption of fossil energy and excessive consumption of the earth‘s environment capacity, caused a worldwide today, lack of resources and global ecological security and climate change and other global environmental disasters, serious compressed the future of the world‘s supply of resources and environmental capacity space. Developing countries can no longer follow the industrialized model that developed countries consume the earth resources and destroy the ecological environment without restraint. 
In addition, the global energy consumption and resources endowment between spatial heterogeneity, how to overcome the imbalance of energy distribution and endowment difference, make it more efficient services to the whole human society, the formation of global energy supply and demand balance and adjust system, sustainable development of the future world is facing the huge challenge, urgent need a new kind of global energy systems and energy management architecture to solve the dilemma of development and problems. 
The third industrial revolution provided powerful technical support for this new model and the formation of new governance structures. With "manufacturing, energy and digital networks, power decentralization, the electric car" as the core of the arrival of the "third industrial revolution", by Internet communication and distributed renewable energy with the combination of "global energy Internet" is formed. 
On the one hand, the global energy Internet can effectively solve the problem of the global distribution of energy resources and the serious imbalance in market demand. 
Trade globalization, production globalization, financial globalization and regional economic integration have already penetrated into the energy sector, and the energy market has become a global market. Energy security is becoming more and more dependent on each other, and energy security is increasingly becoming more than the limits of consumers and producers. Oil, for example, accounts for about 45 per cent of the world‘s oil production and only 13 per cent of the world‘s oil. North America, Europe and the asia-pacific account for only 36 per cent of global oil production, while consumption accounts for more than 76 per cent. Moreover, the decentralization of energy market requires the development of centralized large-scale development of wind energy and solar energy, and the transmission of power over long distances with the help of ultra-high voltage and other technologies. Therefore, to solve these problems, we must accelerate global energy cooperation, achieve "energy integration", and create a more integrated, competitive market and energy cooperation mechanism. 
On the other hand, the global energy Internet brings about a wide range of changes in energy form, mode of production, storage form and sharing mechanism. 
According to the world bioenergy association, 30% of the electricity will come from green sources by 2020. Taking transportation as an example, plug-in electric vehicle charging stations and hydrogen fuel electric vehicles will become universal in 2030, and will provide decentralized infrastructure for transmission and transmission of the main power grid. By 2040, 75 per cent of light vehicles will be powered by electricity. The "energy Internet" infrastructure provides sufficient power for plug-in electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, homes and factories to create a new economic model. 
Especially with the development of big data, energy management intelligence has become the new big trend. The energy industry can use big data to analyze the purchase quantity of natural gas or other energy, predict energy consumption, manage energy users, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy cost. Big data and grid integration of smart grid to that covers the entire process of energy conversion and power to the user of electricity transmission chain, mainly including smart grid technology, large-scale new energy power generation and grid technology, smart grid technology, intelligent power distribution network technology and intelligent technology such as electricity, is the development direction of the future power grid, and so on. 
Therefore, China must develop the energy in the Internet as an opportunity to speed up the upgrading based manufacturing and energy production capacity, key technology and equipment of reserves, will actively develop global energy Internet promoted to major national strategy, completes the energy strategy of Internet top-level design is of great urgency. 
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