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Energy storage technology may affect future energy patterns

Time:2017-07-08 Views:666
At present, renewable energy is emerging, and efficient, clean and low-carbon have become the mainstream of new energy development in the world. But wind and solar power is intermittent and uncontrolled factors restricting the development of renewable energy, to solve problems in renewable energy grid difficult, energy storage industry won an important opportunity of development in the market. 
Project number and size, the United States and Japan is still the main energy storage application demonstration, the United States is a country with a energy storage development earlier, now has nearly half of the world‘s demonstration projects, and a number of energy storage has been commercially used items. The United States has more applications for lithium-ion battery manufacturing and systems integration, along with large-scale government funding. Japan is leading the world in the energy storage technology of sodium-sulfur batteries, liquid-flow batteries and modified lead-acid batteries. 
The energy storage industry is in the early stage of development in China. With the rapid development of renewable energy, the domestic energy storage market has great potential and China will become the largest energy storage market in the world. Although at present has not yet been policies related to energy storage system and the price mechanism, but the energy storage is an emerging industry, has been more and more get attention and support to the government‘s department of energy and science and technology, to demonstrate the application of fiscal subsidies also in gradually. 
With more and more demonstration projects running in China, it is estimated that by 2020, China‘s energy storage market will reach about 136.97 gigawatts, accounting for 7.6 percent of the total installed capacity of the country in 2020. The energy storage technology is likely to be the most important breakthrough in the next energy revolution. Energy storage technology is experiencing explosive growth. 

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