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Company news

The sales of oleds in OLED are very high

Kilowatt laser material processing income grew by 4% in 2016, but since most users need fiber laser has the laser, fiber laser to replace the trend of the carbo...

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The global pv inverter has lost nearly 3 billion yuan in value in 2020

Global consulting and research organization Global Data has reported that with the declining cost of pv inverter, predicts 2020, the Global photovoltaic inverte...

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Energy storage technology may affect future energy patterns

At present, renewable energy is emerging, and efficient, clean and low-carbon have become the mainstream of new energy development in the world. But wind and so...

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The global energy Internet is an urgent task at the top of the road

China‘s state grid, chairman of him in his new book "the global energy of the Internet," to implement clean energy replacement and to put forward by the smart ...

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